Friday, October 9, 2015

Fitness Friday - 3 Minutes for toned Arms?

Raise your hand if you are guilty of pinning a BUNCH of quick workouts and then NEVER trying them?

:::Raises Hand:::

Just me? 

I highly doubt that. Today I was scrolling through my Pinterest and found a Buzzfeed article with workouts to have toned arms with just three minutes! I was a little skeptical that my arms would feel the burn with just three minutes of toning activities, and also feeling a little convicted about all the things I've pinned over the years and never tried - so I tried it! 

The article gives three options for people to try, each of them range from beginner to advanced and can be done without any equipment and only last 3 minutes! 

I did the beginner workout while my husband finished getting ready for work, and found that it didn't take long for my arms to feel the burn! 

Bottom line, you won't have sexy-toned arms in three minutes. It won't happen. 

However, just as with all fitness, if you were to work at it every day and continue to make healthy choices, you will have those strong and sleek tank top arms we all desire. 

I've been incorporating some of the moves into my day as I play with the girls. They think we are just adding some new dance moves, but really we are working on building strong arms! 

What about you, how do you incorporate fun into your fitness? 

Find the workout here!

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