Monday, October 19, 2015

Hooray for Monday: 3 Weeks until Race Day!

Time is zooming! I can't believe we are already three weeks away from race day!!!

Here's a quick re-cap of my week.

Monday: 3 miles.

My husband and I both needed to run so we pulled out the double jogger and went for a run. Nothing really exciting, just a 5K at a pretty fast (for me) pace to end the day.

Tuesday: Strength Training

On Tuesday I walked with the girls (.75 miles) and did some push ups and other core training. Little Lady discovered the benches around the pond, so we spent some time just watching the birds fly around. Baby girl was sleeping in the stroller so I didn't mind sitting with my girl talking about all the animals we saw.

Wednesday: 6 Miles.

My intention was to get up early and run the 6 miles before my husband left for work. Unfortunately, we are working on some teeth, so the babies aren't sleeping well (read - the momma is not sleeping well). I knew that by the time my husband got home from work and the family was fed I'd not be able to get all the miles in sooooo.... I took the double jogger out during the day and ran the 6 miles before he got home.

THAT was not easy, but I was SO proud of myself.  The girls both slept through most of the run, and then when we got back into the neighborhood we stopped at the gazebo to say hello to the turtles and fish before walking the rest of the way home.

Thursday: 3 miles.

I didn't run on Thursday because I had rolled my ankle during the run on the previous day and wanted to be sure it wasn't injured (doesn't seem to be). I didn't want to skip the day so I did some planking and sit ups.

Friday: Rest Day.

I took my walk with the girls in the morning and then in the evening daddy wanted to go for a walk after dinner so out we went.

Saturday: 9 miles.

Our typical Saturday morning routine is to get up with the baby and run. So, baby girl got up at 4:45... (seriously? why so early!!) anyway... I got up with the baby fed her, changed her diaper and had some play time before waking up my husband to get ready for our run.

A little bit later our oldest woke up, had her snack and we were ready to load up the jogger and run.

I was feeling pretty tired from a week of two teething babies so I wanted to keep my pace comfortable. I was afraid if I pushed myself too hard I would get too tired and quit.  My plan obviously worked because I felt so good I ran an extra half mile.

In the afternoon my parents came over for the rest of the weekend, and we (they) decided to go swimming! We were all pretty tired from the day and ended up going to sleep at 8:00 p.m.

Sunday: Rest Day.

After church, lunch and a movie (Big Hero 6) we loaded up and went to a local pumpkin patch for some pictures.

It was a full week of training and fun, I'm looking forward to what next week has in store!

Question of the day: When's the last time you went to bed at 8:00 p.m.?

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