Monday, October 12, 2015

Hooray for Monday: 4 weeks until Race Day!

Can I get a Boo Ya for Monday?

:::BOO YA!:::

I'm excited an nervous for the upcoming Half Marathon, but I've been training so I really don't need to be nervous. Here's a recap of my training from last week. 

Monday - 
The training plan called for 4 miles, so reluctantly... I headed to the treadmill and ran 4 miles! This was a struggle for me because I also had to go get the weekly groceries and we like to do our bedtime routines as a family. Thankfully the girls didn't need a bath on Monday, so I didn't miss much of our evening family time. 

Tuesday - 
I was supposed to do strength training, and literally EVERY time I started to watch a fitness movie, or do anything someone was having a meltdown. I did squeeze in a 3 minute arm workout and of course our daily walk to feed the turtles. It wasn't what I had hoped for, but I was active. 

Wednesday -
I got up early ready to run 5 miles. The weather was perfect! I got just outside our neighborhood and saw there was limited street lights, so I turned around and went to the treadmill. I was all set on the treadmill and my stomach started hurting so I finished a mile and ran back to our apartment - pretty defeated.  We did go on our walk to feed the turtles and get the mail, but I didn't get close to the 5 mile training run I was supposed to do. 

Thursday - 
The plan calls for 3 miles, but my husband runs three miles on Thursdays and I push the jogger. So,...since I can't run 3 miles with the jogger in the same time he can run it, I only run 2. I typically finish a little before him and so the girls and I head over to the park for some fun while we wait for dad! 

Friday - 
Rest day. 
I didn't run, but I did re-arrange our living room and re-sort the girls toys (for the 9,000 time this week). We also went for our walk and played outside before dinner. 

Saturday - 
The plan called for 8 miles, so when the baby got up to eat at 5:30 so did we. I set out to run 8 and my husband grabbed the jogger to run 5 with the girls. 

It was dark and even at 6 in the morning the humidity was at 86%... Seriously. SO. HOT.

At mile 2.5 I wanted to turn around and go home, I was so tired and my legs were feeling heavy but just ahead I heard that sweet little daughter of mine cheering! 

It was enough to push me through a rough patch and then I saw Target. I thought it was fun that I literally ran to target so I took a picture and continued on. 

At 4 miles I turned around and started heading home. The sun was coming up the sun plus humidity started to get to me. I drank some water and ate a shot block or two and pushed through until the end. 

I was pretty tired but so proud of myself for pushing through until the 8 miles were DONE!

Full details of my outfit here. 

Sunday - 
Another day of rest. It was nice to all wake up naturally and have time to eat breakfast as a family. We even made it to church on time (for the first time as a family of 4 - only took us 5 months) and after church satisfied my craving for Mac & Cheese from Fords Diner! 

After dinner we did some shopping and headed home for some more family time. 

We had such a fun weekend. 

Question of the day: how was your weekend? 

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