Monday, October 5, 2015

Hooray for Monday: 5 Weeks until Race Day!

Last week, I shared the training plan I am following with all of you. I was pretty scared that I'd totally flop, both girls seem to have stuffy noses and have been refusing to sleep on a regular schedule (due to the running noses I'm assuming). However, I didn't flop. I actually followed my plan (mostly).

On Monday the training plan called for 3 miles, so I headed to the treadmill and ran a 5k.
Distance: 3.12 miles
Pace: 12:17 minute pace

On Tuesday the training plan called for Strength Training, so I went to YouTube and found a 10-minute workout.
Fat Blast - 10 minutes

On Wednesday the training plan called for 4 miles. My intent was to get up very early and go running, but we were on day 3 of my oldest daughter waking up at all hours of the night hungry and I just couldn't. My husband works late on Wednesdays, so I knew an evening 4 mile run wouldn't happen. So, I ran 1.
Distance: 1.03 miles
Pace: 11:26 minute pace

On Thursday the plan called for a 3 mile run. My husband is also training (for a Marathon) and needed to run, so we pulled out the double jogger and I pushed the double jogger. I was only able to run 2 miles with the jogger, the heat and humidity were so high and my whole body was sore from pushing almost 40 pounds of kid plus the weight of the jogger - but, 2 miles wasn't bad!
2:02 miles
Pace: 13:47 minute pace, pushing double jogger

Friday - REST DAY!!!!! 

I didn't go for a run but I've been walking with the girls each day, so we went for our walk together and that was a lot of fun.

On Saturday the training plan called for a 7 mile run.  The longest I've run since January was 5, so 7 was a little scary but I was going to try. We were out late having dinner with friends, and the girls slept in, so I did too.  My husband got up around 8 and went for a 5 mile run, and I went out for my 7 miles around 10.  It started out nice, but the heat and humidity started to get to me. I was feeling pretty nauseated and my hands were swelling from the heat so I turned around a little less than a mile before I wanted to and headed back. I ended up with only 6 miles and a pretty slow pace, BUT due to the heat I was pretty proud of myself for going 6 miles.

In the late afternoon we took the girls over to the park for some fresh air and exercise, they both LOVE to be outside and we enjoy seeing them laugh and play.

Sunday was another rest day, but I wanted to take the girls our for some of our "cool front" fresh air (a.k.a. 85 instead of 95 degrees) so while daddy cooked dinner we went for a little walk.

How was your week? 
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