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Baby's First Thanksgiving!

As I look around and see so many hurting I am reminded that we have much to be thankful for and that life is a gift. It was an honor and a blessing to be able to celebrate another Baby's FIRST Thanksgiving this year.

My husband had to work today (Friday) so our Holiday has been a little different, but we are still having a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving!

Here is a short video of our time in Miami with my husbands side of the family.

Question of the day: What are you Thankful for today?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Workout Round Up and Weekly Chase - Thanksgiving Week 2015

Today I'm linking up with a couple bloggers to recap both my goals, and workouts from last week.

For the weekly round up of my workouts, I'm linking up with HoHoRuns & MissSippiPuddlin.


Family Walk (.75 miles) Tuesday 30 minute run with the double jogger Wednesday YogaFamily Walk (.75 miles) Thursday YogaWalk with girls (.75 miles)30 minute with with the double jogger Friday Yoga Saturday 6.5 mile run  Sunday Outlet Mall shopping with a toddler (that's a workout - trust me!)I was quite proud of my activity this week.  One of my goals from last week's weekly chase was to stretch daily, I didn't quite get that accomplished but 3 out of 7 days is a start! 

Linking up with Mindy
Here are my goals from last week.
1. Track Calories on My Fitness Pal - I'm going to say about 80%... I did track my goals, but it wasn't whole-heartedly. I could have done better.  2.Finish Turkey Craft with girls - Well, they finished their part. Now I need to assemble it! 
3. Stretc…

Weekly Chase and Workout Round up!

We made it, it is officially one week after the Fort Myers Half Marathon. If you missed the recap, you an check it out over here.

It was fun to do the 6 week "Hooray for Monday" series, but now that the Fort Myers half is over, I thought i'd go back to linking up with Mindy and Molly for the Weekly Chase. Back before my back-to-back pregnancies, I was linking up every week. Now that we are settled, I thought i'd get back on the weekly chase.

If you aren't familiar with the weekly chase series, check out information over here. :)

Before we get to my weekly goals, here's a quick recap of my fitness pursuits from last week!

WORKOUT ROUND UP!  Last week was a pretty interesting week in the Storybook household. Due to Veterans Day falling on a Wednesday I felt a little off. 
Monday was a much needed rest day and household catch up day. My mom and dad in law were in town over the weekend (spoiling us and our girls- as always), so I had some extra laundry to do. 

Fort Myers Half - Recap

Packet Pick up Post. 
I remember registering for the FM Half a few months ago, and thinking how wonderful running in November was going to be. November is typically full of rain and cool-fronts. If you hit it JUST right, you have AWESOME running weather (if you don't hit it right, you have Splash and Dash or...Wine and Dine.) Never did I think we would be running in 97% humidity and temperatures approaching the 90's... (so miserable).
The race was scheduled to begin at 7:00 a.m., but for some (unannounced) reason the race began late. Our pre-race instructions encouraged you to line up with your pace, but there were no signs or pace groups to line up with.

Mile 1 felt GREAT! Perhaps a little too great, because it was my fastest mile (11:21). I hit my groove and made a friend for miles 2-8. My pace was slowly creeping up from low 12 minute per mile to low 13 minute per mile, but I wasn't too concerned about that. It was starting to get REALLY hot and I was starting to get a …

Thank You!

Fort Myers Half Marathon - Packet Pick up!

Saturday morning arrived far too early, and my husband headed out the door with both girls for a shake out run while I did some speed cleaning around the house.

While he was out, I was able to get the bathrooms cleaned, floor vacuumed, laundry moved along and started to unload the dish washer. I raced around the house dreaming of lounging on the couch with a cup of coffee. Someday I'll be able to enjoy that coffee, and that day will be sad because it will mean my girls are in school...

Around 12:30 my husbands parents arrived, I pulled a frozen pizza out of the oven (I'm quite the chef, I know) and we headed out the door for packet pick up.

Packet pick up took place at a crab festival in town, and if you wanted to park it was 5.00. Since we were only picking up our packets and heading over to Target we decided that I would jump out and get the packets while my husband drove around the block .

Well,... I jumped out of the car and only took my drivers license (oops). I picked up…

Race Week!! - Fort Myers Half Marathon.

Race week!!!

I thought I'd take an opportunity to welcome any new readers from the Blog Hop I participated in over the last two weeks, and thank Kristy for being a great host! I loved exploring other blogs, and learning the stories of so many people. Thank you so much Kristy!

For some reason, the weather got EXTRA hot this week so I wasn't able to go on daily walks with the girls. The humidity was at 100% most days and the feels like temperature was at 108 for most every day this week. It was just too hot for me to walk outside with the girls, poor babies would have been miserable.

That being said, my fitness and running really took a hit.

Monday -
Yoga 2X.

Tuesday -
Run 1 mile on the treadmill

Wednesday -

Thursday -
Rest Day.

Friday - Rest Day

Saturday - Family walk (.75 miles)

Sunday - Fort Myers Half Marathon. (recap later this week!)
I wasn't able to run much or get outside with the girls as often as I'd hoped, but we had tons of fun playing inside! 

November Goals!

So we are only a week into November, I can still post my goals right? I was so successful with my October goals, and then... Halloween Candy.

Since I'm not willing to let a couple winter pounds creep on, Im setting some more goals.

1. Track food with MyFitnessPal-@storybookerin
2. PR in my upcoming half marathon!
(find the time to beat here.)
3. Complete 2 Thanksgiving crafts with my toddler.

I have some ideas, but need to go grab some supplies. She is very crafty and loves to create things so I'm excited to have some fun talking about being thankful with her this month!

question of the day: what are your goals for November?

Recipe Review: Butternut Squash Ravioli

My husband recently requested ravioli's for dinner. He doesn't often make a dinner request, unless he's willing to fix the dish (it's one of the things I love about him). Since you can buy ravioli frozen, I agreed to make it for him!

Unfortunately, I didn't read the package and need up home with squash ravioli...


I will be the first to say, in the last few years I've proven to be an awful cook. I don't enjoy cooking, I don't enjoy things that have a lot of ingredients or steps to make, and with two small children my desire to cook (and apparently ability to make beautiful creative dishes) has dwindled to nothing.

[poor hubby]
So, knowing I couldn't smother these raviolis in red sauce and cheese, I read a couple of recipes and searched for an idea. 
It seemed that sage and butter were a theme of ingredients when searching for a recipe so I literally melted butter, cut up some FRESH sage and poured it on top of the cooked pasta. 
It was actual…

October Goals - Results!

The Results are In!  In early October I set three goals for myself. 

You can read the details of my goals here, but let's get on to the good part (the results!)
1. Lose three pounds - CHECK! (5.4 lbs) 2. Follow Training Plan - CHECK (with a few exceptions, but stayed active even when I couldn't follow the plan.  3. track food - CHECK
I am pretty proud of myself, I was nervous about these goals, mostly because even though they are "easy goals" they are also easy to let slide. It's easy to skip tracking some meals, and sometimes losing weight comes to a plateau BUT I made it! I accomplished my three goals. 
Question of the day: What are you most proud of in yourself for the month of October??

Hooray for Monday - 1 more Week!!!

One more week until my first (non-pregnant) half marathon since April 2013! I'm SOOO excited, my in laws are coming on Saturday to watch the girls while my husband and I run. It's going to be FABULOUS!

Here's a quick run down of my training and fitness from last week.

Monday -
Took a walk with the girls to feed the turtles and then ran a 5K on the treadmill after dinner.

Tuesday  -
Core training and stretching with an afternoon walk with the girls.

Wednesday -
Unplanned Rest Day. I'm kind of fuzzy on what happened, but I'm pretty sure it had to do with a teething baby.

Thursday -
2.28 mile run with the double jogger

Friday -
Rest Day

Saturday -
I skipped my long run, but we had a great (Baby's First) Halloween! Here's a short video of our day.
Sunday - Rest Day.

Question of the Day: Do you decorate for Thanksgiving?