Monday, November 9, 2015

Race Week!! - Fort Myers Half Marathon.

Race week!!!

I thought I'd take an opportunity to welcome any new readers from the Blog Hop I participated in over the last two weeks, and thank Kristy for being a great host! I loved exploring other blogs, and learning the stories of so many people. Thank you so much Kristy!

For some reason, the weather got EXTRA hot this week so I wasn't able to go on daily walks with the girls. The humidity was at 100% most days and the feels like temperature was at 108 for most every day this week. It was just too hot for me to walk outside with the girls, poor babies would have been miserable.

That being said, my fitness and running really took a hit.

Monday -
Yoga 2X.

Tuesday -
Run 1 mile on the treadmill

Wednesday -

Thursday -
Rest Day.

Friday - Rest Day

Saturday - Family walk (.75 miles)

Sunday - Fort Myers Half Marathon. (recap later this week!)

I wasn't able to run much or get outside with the girls as often as I'd hoped, but we had tons of fun playing inside! 

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