Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Chase and Workout Round up!

We made it, it is officially one week after the Fort Myers Half Marathon. If you missed the recap, you an check it out over here.

It was fun to do the 6 week "Hooray for Monday" series, but now that the Fort Myers half is over, I thought i'd go back to linking up with Mindy and Molly for the Weekly Chase. Back before my back-to-back pregnancies, I was linking up every week. Now that we are settled, I thought i'd get back on the weekly chase.

If you aren't familiar with the weekly chase series, check out information over here. :)

Before we get to my weekly goals, here's a quick recap of my fitness pursuits from last week!

Last week was a pretty interesting week in the Storybook household. Due to Veterans Day falling on a Wednesday I felt a little off. 

Monday was a much needed rest day and household catch up day. My mom and dad in law were in town over the weekend (spoiling us and our girls- as always), so I had some extra laundry to do. 

Tuesday I ran a 5K on the treadmill and finished up packing for our adventure on Wednesday! 

Wednesday we got up around 6:30 a.m., had a lovely breakfast and then loaded into the car for our adventure. We told our little lady that we are going to "Mickey's Playground". We parked at Disney Springs, explored for a bit and then hopped on a boat over to Sassagulas (our favorite disney pizza place) for pizza! After lunch in the French Quarter, we played on the playground and then walked over to Port Orleans Riverside for more playground fun. 

We then caught a bus to Magic Kingdom and walked over to the Contemporary to explore some more. Here is a short video of our adventure! 

Thursday my husband surprised me by running with me, I only went out for a quick 30-35 minute run because it was an awful day, and I was ready for bed. 

Friday We took a family walk and watched a movie together

Saturday The baby had us up all night, finally at 4 my husband just got up and started to get ready for his 10 miler. I only needed to run 3 miles, so I stayed home with the girls. Around 1:30, my daughter climbed into the jogging stroller and wouldn't come out. She just kept saying "go, go, go!" .. so, since we were having a cool front, I went for my run. 

We also did some shopping at our local outlet mall. I scored some deals on clothing, and started my Christmas shopping! 

Rest day! 

It was a pretty good week of activity, I'm pretty excited to be back in low mileage and building everything up again, I have several half marathons coming up over the next few months so I'm ready to keep training and get faster!! 

Road Runner Girl

I have a couple of goals I'm working on for November, so I'll incorporate them into this weeks goals! 

1. Track calories on My Fitness Pal (Let's be friends! I'm @StorybookErin)
2. Finish turkey Craft with the girls
3. Stretch daily

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