Monday, November 23, 2015

Workout Round Up and Weekly Chase - Thanksgiving Week 2015

Today I'm linking up with a couple bloggers to recap both my goals, and workouts from last week.

For the weekly round up of my workouts, I'm linking up with HoHoRuns & MissSippiPuddlin.


  • Family Walk (.75 miles)
  • 30 minute run with the double jogger
  • Yoga
  • Family Walk (.75 miles)
  • Yoga
  • Walk with girls (.75 miles)
  • 30 minute with with the double jogger
  • Yoga
  • 6.5 mile run 
  • Outlet Mall shopping with a toddler (that's a workout - trust me!)
I was quite proud of my activity this week.  One of my goals from last week's weekly chase was to stretch daily, I didn't quite get that accomplished but 3 out of 7 days is a start! 

Road Runner Girl

Linking up with Mindy

Here are my goals from last week.

1. Track Calories on My Fitness Pal - I'm going to say about 80%... I did track my goals, but it wasn't whole-heartedly. I could have done better. 
2. Finish Turkey Craft with girls - Well, they finished their part. Now I need to assemble it! 

3. Stretch Daily - I did some stretching daily and yoga three times but I need to stretch more. My legs have been feeling heavy during my long runs! 

  1. Continue to track food in MyFitnessPal (@StorybookErin)
  2. Finish packing for our TWO trips this week... (yikes)
  3. Make baby food for our trips
  4. Hydrate for Turkey Trot on Thursday 
  5. Start packing for New York trip (early Dec.)
Question of the day: What goals are you chasing? 

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