Monday, December 28, 2015

Weekly Chase - Bye Bye 2015

::Warning - Warning - Warning:: 
Cliche statement approaching
::Warning - Warning - Warning:: 

The year FLEW by! I guess with a 1st birthday celebration, a move, the birth of a second baby and a million milestones in between it is inevitable that the year would pass quickly. 

We are having a relaxing week at home with just a few goals, but before I get into the goals for this week let me talk about LAST week and how I did. 

Goals for Christmas week! 

  • Run 1x  - Yes!! It wasn't pretty, but I ran with the double jogger. 
  • incorporate some strength training into my days - I did yoga 2X but, wish I could have done more. 
  • wrap gifts, Yes. On Christmas Day for some of them lol 
  • finish buying gifts ...I did this on Amazon Prime and had it shipped to the locations we were opening gifts JUST to be safe lol. 
  • pack for family visits!, well, got to Orlando and realized I didn't have half of my clothing BUT everyone ELSE was packed (hashtag: momproblems)

The girls were still a little sick, but getting better so it was nice to get some exercise done. I have NEVER had such a hard time with Christmas gifts as I did this year. I think I should start shopping for next year now... 

Anyone else struggle with Christmas gifts this year? 

I have a couple goals for this week. 

  • Pack for our weekend trip (and remember my clothes this time)
  • Start to find homes for the new toys 
  • Finish thank you notes
  • Shop for Baby girls 2nd Birthday... WHAT? 
  • Run 2X this week 
As always, this is a link up with Mindy over at

What goals are you chasing this week? 

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