Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekly Chase - Christmas Week!

I am SO excited that Christmas is here!!! I love Christmas so much and am excited to spend some time with family this week. 

Before I get into my goals for this week I wanted to recap my goals from last week! 

  • Run 3X this week - nope. Both girls were sick plus my husband so I didn't run at all... 
  • Pack for our Anniversary trip to Disney - yes! Took all week but every time one of the girls would take a nap i would pack a little and clean a little lol 
  • Wash / Dry and put away all laundry by Friday morning - yes! 
  • Make baby food - done! Sweet potato and Pea soup! 
  • Christmas picture... Nope. :-( the girls were sick so we didn't even attempt. 
  • Clean / prep house for family visit - done! Baby woke me up st 4 on Friday so I stayed up and got it all done then. 
Goals for Christmas week! 
> Run 1x 
> incorporate some strength training into my days
> wrap gifts 
> finish buying gifts ...
> pack for family visits! 

What goals are you chasing this week? 

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