Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekly Chase - Disney Prep Week.


December is always a crazy busy month for our family. Between my Birthday, our Anniversary, Christmas and Christmas events I always feel like we blink and December is over. It's not a bad thing to be busy once in a while, but I do find it hard to soak in the season when we are always busy.

Last week I worked to get all the New York laundry cleaned and the suitcases unpacked. I started to put the sweaters away but the weather forecast for our upcoming Disney trip keeps changing. It's going from 70/80's to 40/50... So, I'm not putting the sweaters away just yet.

Who knows... Florida weather is so unpredictable.

My goals for this week.

  • Run 3X this week
  • Pack for our Anniversary trip to Disney
  • Wash / Dry and put away all laundry by Friday morning
  • Make baby food 
  • Christmas picture... 
  • Clean / prep house for family visit
Weekly Chase is hosted by Mindy, (RoadRunnerGirl)

What goals are you chasing this week? 
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