Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weekly Chase - Thanksgiving Week Recap.

I simply cannot believe it's Wednesday... This week TOTALLY got away from me. We had a wonderful Baby's First Thanksgiving. We spent Thursday in Miami with my husbands family, and then we can home so my husband could work on Friday and then directly after work we went to visit my family for the rest of the weekend.

When we got home, we got straight to work doing laundry, cleaning and preparing for our next trip and then Monday our Air Conditioner died at 5:00 p.m.... So, we had a really warm night (apparently they only come out if the outside temperature is 80 or above... it was 79...) the on call maintenance staff member promised he'd be out first thing in the morning, by 11:00 a.m. the a/c was fixed but it took the entire day for our apartment to cool down (It had reached about 85 inside and was approaching 90 outside).

So, as you can see... it was pretty easy for my week to get away from me!

Anyway, I thought I'd just give a quick recap of my goals from last week and set a few for the rest of this week.

  1. Continue to track food in MyFitnessPal (@StorybookErin) - nope. Totally fell off the wagon with this one. 
  2. Finish packing for our TWO trips this week... (yikes) - Yes, packed for both Miami and Orlando. 
  3. Make baby food for our trips - Yes, I made SO much food for baby girl. I love seeing our freezer loaded with food for the baby.  
  4. Hydrate for Turkey Trot on Thursday - Yes!! 
  5. Start packing for New York trip (early Dec.) - Yep! last week I got the sweaters washed and bag pulled out 
  6. this week I'm working on filling it! 

Goals for THIS week! 

  • Finish packing the girls for their trip to their grandparents
  • Finish packing for New York 
  • Run 2X
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