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#Miamifamous Half Marathon Recap

Yesterday we talked about the #miamifamous Expo, and TODAY we get to talk about the RACE!!
Seriously... WAY too early. But, we needed to be awake, and check out before we left for the race. So,... just like when you #rundisney, we got up far too early.  In order to really wake up I like to take a quick warm shower!  I spent quite a bit of time getting ready, I put on some make up, fixed my hair, ate an apple and slowly got all my things together for the race!  We checked out before the race and seriously... that took FOR-EV-ER. There was only 1 employee and a bunch of people asking questions. I felt bad for the guy because he was getting flustered, but... it's part of the fun of being a race hotel I guess.  It took about an hour to get from the metromover, through bag check and into the corral. I met up with a friend (Crystal from RunDisneyDork) and somehow in the process lost my husband in the sea of people. He was in a different corral so it was okay, he called me right before t…

#miamifamous 2016 - Packet Pick up and Expo

If you saw my Fitness Friday post, you saw that my husband and I registered for the #miamifamous half and full marathons over a year ago during the registration blitz (happening now).

We were SUPER excited when we registered but with a job change, a move, a new baby and life itself the race weekend kind of snuck up on us.

We loaded the car on Friday night, and then left early Saturday morning for Miami. After dropping the girls off with my in-laws and having some lunch we headed to the hotel to check in.

We stayed at one of the race recommended hotels in Brickell, and it was a great choice as it was walking distance to the public transportation.

After checking in, we walked up the street to catch the Miami Metromover and head over to Bayside to catch a shuttle to the expo. The expo was held in a large warehouse in Wynnwood, it is my understanding that it's often used for art shows.

The expo was loud and vibrant, honestly, I would expect nothing less from a Miami race. When we walk…

WDW Wednesday - Club Disney at Hollywood Studios.

On our most recent trip to Disney's Hollywood Studios my husband wanted to ride Rockin' Roller Coaster before we left. So, I took the girls to explore while he waited in line for the ride.

I happened to see a big sign just beyond Rockin' Roller Coaster with the FAB 5 on it, so we went to check it out. I then noticed Pluto was in a courtyard taking pictures, so he went over to say hello to Pluto.

A cast member invited us to dance with Pluto and friends inside club cool, so we did. I didn't think my two year old would have as much fun as she did - mostly because she's terrified of the characters who wear masks, but she DID. In fact, we were there for over two hours dancing and having the best time!

It's kind of a hidden gem of Hollywood Studios, as it's beyond Rockin' Roller coaster, and typically I would just gone on the ride and moved on and never even known about Club Disney, but with kids you end up finding great treasures!

What is Club Disney? 
4 Disn…

Weekly Chase - Bye January.

Did I just type "Bye January"

January has been so busy and fun that it wasn't until I was at the grocery store and I saw milk with a February expiration date that I realized the month was almost over (true story).

Over the weekend we had a mini get-away to Miami so we could become #MiamiFamous  I'll be doing a full recap of the expo and run on Thursday and Friday of this week. BUT - Since there is a registration blitz happening this week, I say RUN over to the website and register! If you are looking for a fun race-cation, look no further!  If you register by 11:59 tonight (1/26) prices are 50% off. (not sponsored, I just really think it's a great race).

I can't wait to share about our little get-away to Miami later in the week, but I've got to share about my goals first!

Here are my goals from last week and as always, this is a link-up with Mindy over at
Last week.
1. 2-3 short runs to stay loose for Miami Half  - Nope. My little…

#MiamiFamous 2016 - Training Update!

About a year ago, at around 12:00 a.m. my husband and I registered for the Miami Marathon as part of their registration blitz.  The  blitz is an awesome deal if you are going to run the race with someone else because it starts at 50% off, then 40% then 30% until all the assigned "blitz prices" are gone.  We had just finished the Goofy Challenge at Disney  and my husband has goals of running the New York Marathon and eventually Boston, SO Miami seemed like a great idea.

Since I was pregnant with our second, I knew I couldn't train for the full but was supportive of my husband and his desire to run the full.

When we registered we still lived in Miami, and had access to babysitters. Honestly, I didn't think it'd be so hard for us to train. But,... we moved.  So,... training was hard really hard.

My last long run was November 8th at the Fort Myers Half Marathon. Since then I've done several shorter runs, and worked a lot on my core but no real LONG runs.

With tha…

WDW Wednesday - 3 Reasons to Love RunDisney Kids Races

I'm so excited to share about the 2016 WDW Kids Races!! This was my 2 year old's third time running in the Kids Races, and my 8 month old's FIRST time.

We left our home bright and early and headed over to the Expo and Kids Races. I just love the energy during Marathon weekend, I love seeing everyone proudly displaying their medals, and wearing their "I did it" shirts. It's so hard to attend Marathon Weekend without getting inspired by the amazing stories.

We picked up our packet, and the shirt this year was ADORABLE! It was white with Steamboat Willie and vintage Mickey.  I have to give a HUGE shout out to the voluntEAR helping me with my girls packets this year. I was a little annoying and couldn't make up my mind if I'd gotten the right size shirts for my girls and she was just so kind and helpful. I apologized for being annoying and she laughed and said it wasn't annoying to make sure your kid has the right size shirt.

I'm pretty sure I was…

Weekly Chase - #MiamiFamous in 6 days!

Hello my friends!
Last week was quite exciting in the Storybook household.  Long runs, birthday, tornado warning and a (last minute) trip to Disney!

We got home from Disney last Sunday(1/10), and had every intention of staying home for the long weekend. The girls had a little stuffy nose, and Prince Charming was a little under the weather and has a Marathon coming up (in six days). However, during dinner on Thursday night we were talking and decided that we have the passes, my husband has Monday off of work and ... if we don't go to Disney we would wish we did... So, we booked a hotel for Sunday night.

Friday we had a little bit of a scare, around 10:45 a.m. my phone went off with a tornado warning and it was advised to take shelter. So, I scooped up my baby and started grabbing, a bottle, snacks, books, toys, diapers, wipes, blankets and pillows and putting them in the bathroom. Once I had the bathroom all set up and the three of us went inside to wait for the storm to pass. Daddy w…

Fitness Friday - Glass Slipper Challenge Training

In 5 weeks I get to run through the streets of Walt Disney World with both my sisters and I couldn't be more excited! Unfortunately, I haven't exactly done much training since November. My reason  excuse is the holidays mixed in with disney passes (a.k.a. Disney almost every weekend) and a sick husband and babies.

My girls have been passing a cold back and forth, and then when they are both better the weather goes from SUPER hot to cold and rainy - it's so annoying! Anyway... here is my updated training plan for the next 5 weeks.

Tuesdays and Thursdays after the baby is in bed, I will sneak away to the treadmill and get some miles in while my husband is home to watch the girls. My husband does his long run on Saturday so I will get up before church on Sunday and get a longer run in.

I don't like the idea of so many treadmill runs, but it's got to happen. My older daughter (2 years old) has decided to drop naps. Therefore, as SOON as we put her in the jogger in the…

WDW Wednesday - 2017 Marathon Plans?

This weekend we celebrated our daughter's 2nd Birthday at Marathon Weekend. Her birthday isn't really until tomorrow, but we celebrated it with family at Disney.
She and her sister participated in the Kids Races and had a GREAT time (more on that next Wednesday). It's hard to go to WDW during Marathon weekend and not get swept away with excitement. We went to Animal Kingdom on Sunday, and got to cheer on some runners as they were entering the park.

I teared up as I read the names on the bibs and screamed to cheer them on, I made sure to tell my girls (almost 2 and 8 months) how cool the runners were and just enjoyed the few minutes of cheering. It was a little crazy, because in that EXACT spot we were cheering, I was hit with a stroller by a guest who went AROUND security to get across the course.
I remember yelling "you just hit a pregnant woman running a marathon with your stupid stroller" and seeing security chase him. Thankfully I didn't fall, and I'm…

Weekly Chase - Birthday Week!

It's amazing to me that in just a couple of days I will have a two year old. It seems like yesterday I found out (on my husbands birthday) I was expecting!  It's incredible how fast time flies. 

We had a great week, and weekend celebrating my daughters birthday with family. (more on that later though). 

Here is a recap of my goals from last week

Find a dentist and make an appointment - Yes, I even WENT to my appointment. Unpack and Repack for weekend trip - SO. MUCH.PACKING.  - Yes, done. Finish making the decorations for my daughter's Birthday party!  - Yes, everything was super cute. Can't wait to share. Run 2X - No... :-( I *need* to get some serious running in. My husband has a Marathon coming up in just a few days, and our girls have been sick SO getting them in the jogger hasn't been easy. Therefore, I've been doing more inside exercise while my husband gets out there and gets some miles.  Once the Marathon is over, we should be able to both get some runni…

WDW Wednesday - Marathon Weekend

Today is the official kick off for Walt Disney World's Marathon Weekend!

Huge congratulations to all the runners lacing up for the events and crossing the start line, enjoy your victory lap! Training for a race is no-joke!

I won't be running this year,  but we will be there for the Kids Races on Saturday.

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