Thursday, January 21, 2016

#MiamiFamous 2016 - Training Update!

About a year ago, at around 12:00 a.m. my husband and I registered for the Miami Marathon as part of their registration blitz.  The  blitz is an awesome deal if you are going to run the race with someone else because it starts at 50% off, then 40% then 30% until all the assigned "blitz prices" are gone.  We had just finished the Goofy Challenge at Disney  and my husband has goals of running the New York Marathon and eventually Boston, SO Miami seemed like a great idea.

Since I was pregnant with our second, I knew I couldn't train for the full but was supportive of my husband and his desire to run the full.

When we registered we still lived in Miami, and had access to babysitters. Honestly, I didn't think it'd be so hard for us to train. But,... we moved.  So,... training was hard really hard.

My last long run was November 8th at the Fort Myers Half Marathon. Since then I've done several shorter runs, and worked a lot on my core but no real LONG runs.

With that being said I have a couple thoughts on my goal for this race.

Goal A - Like, it would be SO awesome if this happened.

  • PR (Current PR 3:00:09)
  • Have fun 
  • Don't get injured 
Goal B 
  • Have fun 
  • Don't get injured
  • finish before they close the course 
Pretty simple goals huh? 

I am planning to meet up with a friend I met through a RunDisney group and hopefully run with her. 

Now, if I could get some motivation to pack. 

Question of the day: what do you pack for a race-cation? 

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