Wednesday, January 13, 2016

WDW Wednesday - 2017 Marathon Plans?

This weekend we celebrated our daughter's 2nd Birthday at Marathon Weekend. Her birthday isn't really until tomorrow, but we celebrated it with family at Disney.
2015 WDW Marathon Start
She and her sister participated in the Kids Races and had a GREAT time (more on that next Wednesday). It's hard to go to WDW during Marathon weekend and not get swept away with excitement. We went to Animal Kingdom on Sunday, and got to cheer on some runners as they were entering the park.

I teared up as I read the names on the bibs and screamed to cheer them on, I made sure to tell my girls (almost 2 and 8 months) how cool the runners were and just enjoyed the few minutes of cheering. It was a little crazy, because in that EXACT spot we were cheering, I was hit with a stroller by a guest who went AROUND security to get across the course.
Animal Kingdom, WDW Marathon 2015
I remember yelling "you just hit a pregnant woman running a marathon with your stupid stroller" and seeing security chase him. Thankfully I didn't fall, and I'm pretty sure the guy just got a slap on the wrist for going around security but, whatever. It's an Animal Kingdom Marathon memory.

My husband and I have been talking about our running goals a lot lately, and with early registration creeping up for some runs (Wine and Dine and Marathon Weekend) we've got some big decisions to make.

So friends, what do you think,  should I run the 2017 WDW Marathon?

WDW Goofy Challenge Finisher 2015
25 weeks Pregnant with baby # 2

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