Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekly Chase - Birthday Week!

It's amazing to me that in just a couple of days I will have a two year old. It seems like yesterday I found out (on my husbands birthday) I was expecting!  It's incredible how fast time flies. 

We had a great week, and weekend celebrating my daughters birthday with family. (more on that later though). 

Here is a recap of my goals from last week

  1. Find a dentist and make an appointment - Yes, I even WENT to my appointment. 
  2. Unpack and Repack for weekend trip - SO. MUCH.PACKING.  - Yes, done. 
  3. Finish making the decorations for my daughter's Birthday party!  - Yes, everything was super cute. Can't wait to share. 
  4. Run 2X - No... :-( 
I *need* to get some serious running in. My husband has a Marathon coming up in just a few days, and our girls have been sick SO getting them in the jogger hasn't been easy. Therefore, I've been doing more inside exercise while my husband gets out there and gets some miles.  Once the Marathon is over, we should be able to both get some running done. 

Here are my goals for this week. 

1. Long run over the weekend 
2. Put away the Christmas decorations

Just a couple of goals this week, how about you? What goals will you be chasing this week? 

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