Monday, January 4, 2016

Weekly Chase - First Goal Setting of 2016

Helloooo Friends! 

I'm excited for 2016, and all the new adventures, new goals accomplished and experiencing lots of new things along the way. 

Here are my goals from last week, and how I did!

  • Pack for the weekend trip - DONE 
  • Start to find homes for new toys - work in progress, because my daughter's birthday is coming up. 
  • Finish Thank You Notes - YES
  • Shop for Baby's 2nd Birthday - YES
  • Run 2X this week - Done (actually 3) 

I was pretty proud of myself with the goals from last week. We've got another busy week ahead so here are my goals. 

  1. Find a dentist and make an appointment
  2. Unpack and Repack for weekend trip - SO. MUCH.PACKING. 
  3. Finish making the decorations for my daughter's Birthday party! 
  4. Run 2X
There you have it, my goals for the week. With the weather going from super hot, to rainy, to FREEZING, my littlest one has developed a little cold (again) so I'm pretty busy keeping her hydrated and rested. So far my oldest has stayed healthy so that's good news! 

What are the goals you are chasing this week? 

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