Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WDW Wednesday - Mickey Ice Cream

If you spend any time around Disney, chances are you've eaten something shaped like the beloved Mickey Mouse.  My favorite mouse shaped treat is the Premium ice cream bar! Smooth creamy vanilla ice cream shaped like Mickey Mouse with a thick coating of chocolate surrounding it.

It always tastes best when eaten on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, but I'm sure that's just because you are looking at the castle. You can purchase the treat at the resorts and each of the parks, I just prefer to eat it on Main Street before the parade (It's tradition).

Our "babymoon" 11/2013 

Since getting our passes in December, I haven't gotten a Mickey ice cream yet, and EVERY time we go I say I'm going to get one but I never do. 

My fear was that if I got one, I'd have to share with my two year old and it's not easy to share something so good! Well, on Valentines Day I decided it was time, I got myself a Mickey Ice Cream bar at an ice cream in Epcot at a small stand just before Mexico, and it was delicious!

First Premium Ice Cream Bar, 2-14-16 

Doesn't she look cute devouring my ice cream?

Question of the day: what's your favorite Disney treat? 

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