Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekly Chase - a running break?

Hello Friends!

My post is up a little late because I was out having fun with some Princesses this weekend. I'm going to do several posts about the weekend over the next few #WDWWednesday's so be on the lookout for those. 

Here's a picture to hold you over though.

Goals from last week can be found here. 

1. Run 4x - No, only 2 (Saturday 10K, Sunday 1/2)
2. Yoga 4x - No, only 1x (Wednesday)
3. Pack for Disney - YES
4. Work on signs - Yes!

With a Holiday on Monday and leaving on Thursday it was a rough week for fitness. I had a LOT of things to get pulled together before the Princess Half Marathon week.

Now, for this weeks goals. As always, this is a link up with Mindy from I actually got to see her this weekend and spend a few minutes with her group. She's as lovely as I remembered from the first time we met.

I hurt my knees during the half Marathon, like... I could hardly walk from mile 10 on. It.was.bad. Soooo, with that in mind here are my goals for the week.

1. 4 family walks
2. Yoga 4x
3. unpack from Disney

There you have it, three goals for the week. My knees are feeling better, but I need to take a short break from running let my body relax. I'm actually excited to take a break from training, I've been having a hard time with it lately and I just need a break.

So, running... we are officially on a break for a week.

What are your goals for the week?

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