Friday, February 12, 2016

Who is Storybook Erin Part 2.

Hello Friends, old and New!

I'm so excited to be participating in another blog hop hosted by Kristy! If you were part of the blog hop I did last fall, you probably already read my story about this little piece of the internet and who I am. You can read that post here, but I'll give a short version along with what's new below!

In December of 2011, I was on vacation with my husband and I realized that I was miserable. I couldn't ENJOY traveling and exploring because I was out of breath, exhausted and cranky by lunch time!


I started walking and eventually started to run, and I didn't hate it.  I ran my first Half Marathon in February 2013, my second in April  and then... I found out I was pregnant!!  I followed a Jeff Galloway style of running (run/walk) until week 38 of pregnancy.

July 2014 I began training for a Marathon, and by September I found out Baby #2 was coming! (hooray!).  I continued to train, and with the support of my doctor, husband and family I crossed the finish line as a Marathoner!

April 2015 we welcomed our baby girl, and moved to a new city so my husband could begin his career as a Librarian!

Since 2011 I have lost about 80 pounds, and in between being the world's best mom to my two little girls, I am training for several half marathons and planning ways to sneak over to Disney for some fun and adventure!

This blog captures our life, and I look forward to sharing it with all of you!

On Mondays, I link up with Mindy ( and set weekly goals.
On Wednesday, we talk Disney! - It's basically my excuse to share my favorite things about Disney and show way too many pictures of us having a blast!
Friday I talk about fitness! Race recaps, training updates, what workouts I'm loving on Youtube... it's anything related to Fitness.

BONUS: If I have content that doesn't exactly "fit" in the above 3 I will post it either on Tuesday or Thursday.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope to see you soon!

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