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WDW Wednesday - Princess Half Recap

Happy Wednesday Disney Fans!

We've (finally) made it to the recap of the Princess Half Marathon. I won't lie, I have been struggling to write this post. The fact is,... I don't really want to re-live it. (Yes, it was that bad) but... My Princess Half weekend posts would be incomplete if I didn't talk about the biggest race of the weekend, so bear with me - I had a pretty rough run. 
Before I went to sleep I decided to set 2 alarms, I just had a feeling I wasn't going to wake up. I was absolutely exhausted from the previous two days and a little nervous about missing the race. It's a good thing I set two alarms because in my sleep I turned off the first one and almost missed the second one. 
Actually it wasn't the alarm that woke me up, it was our friend who was staying with us getting settled onto the bed in the living room that woke me up. 
I got up and zoomed around getting ready as fast as possible, and fast walked over to the bus. I was the last person o…

Weekly Chase - Happy Easter!

Happy Easter blogger-friends!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend with family and or friends celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus! We had such a wonderful weekend at home with our girls. We got up early on Saturday morning and went to an Easter Egg hunt / Easter bash then in the evening we all went swimming.

My two year old fell asleep with an ear to ear grin on her face and I melted. I always know when she's had the best day ever  by the smile on her face at bedtime.

Sunday morning the girls woke up extra early so we had a long relaxing breakfast time and then,... my two year old found her basket! We had a lovely time at church and then a nice lunch with family.

It was a little (a LOT) different being away from "home" in South Florida this year, but we made some beautiful memories with our girls.

How was your Easter?

I'm back at my goals and linking up with Mindy ( for the #weeklychase.

Goals from last week.

1. Finish Laundry by Wednesday - Wa…

WDW Wednesday - Princess 10K Recap

Happy Wednesday friends!!

We are still working our way through my Princess half weekend recaps and today I am so excited to actually talk about the running.

I was pretty excited about the 10K mostly because we my sisters and I had pretty epic costumes, and it was the first RunDisney race for both of them! (See about our costumes here)

My husband arrived to Disney around 9:30 on Friday night and took over baby holding duty. The girls and I arrived on Thursday so I could be there for packet pick up and the kids races on Friday. As a result, our girls were missing Daddy and were both quite clingy.

Once both girls were sound asleep, I finally got my chance to go to sleep. I continued to wake up every hour until 1:00 a.m.. At 1:00 a.m., my husband was looking around the kitchen area, because the poor guy was starving. He didn't eat dinner, he opted to just drive straight from work to Disney and only had a cup of coffee and a granola bar.

So, at 1:00 I just got up with him.

I took my sw…

Weekly Chase - Teething

Hello friends,

I wasn't ready to let the weekly chase link up go MIA two weeks in a row, so here I am... SUUUUPER late. Truth is, ever since the time change we've had a really tough time getting our girls back on their schedules. When we finally got our youngest on her schedule again she started getting REALLY uncharacteristically cranky - sooooo I checked it out and found saw we could see her top 4 front teeth all trying to come out (AT.THE.SAME.TIME.)

Needless to say... my online time is next to zero because I'm usually holding a teething baby.

Over the weekend we headed over to Epcot to check out the Flower and Garden festival. As always, it was beautiful and there was lots of delicious food to eat!

Here are my goals for this week.

As always, this is a weekly chase link up with Mindy over at

1. Finish Laundry by Wednesday
2.  Complete 1 Easter craft with the girls
3. Yoga 3x
4. Run 2x

What are your girls for the week, any tips on teething babies?

Training Update - Star Wars Darkside Half Marathon.

We are 29 days away from the Star Wars Darkside Half Marathon!!! I''m pretty excited about this because it is an inaugural Disney race and this was one of our bucket list running dreams.

So, how is the training going?

It's going fine... I've had a hard time getting out the door to run these last few weeks but I have done a lot of yoga and core training so I'm not concerned - I know I can do it.

My goal is to get a few runs in each week until the race with a few longer runs on the weekend. I don't think I'm going to go above 9 miles before this half, I just don't think I have the time to properly build up to it.

I've been sticking pretty close to 30/30 intervals and have had great success with feeling great (not sore).

Question of the day: do you run with intervals?

WDW Wednesday - Kids Races

Happy Wednesday my friends!

I'm (slowly) making my way through the Princess Half Marathon weekend with all of you. Today I wanted to share some pictures and highlights from the Kids Races.

The theme for the whole weekend was The Little Mermaid, and the kids races medals were absolutely adorable (and if I could find where my kids hid it, I would have taken a picture).

This time the kids races had a huge area for the kids to play before or after their races. The area included:

Color your own crownobstacle course music  As done in previous kids races, they start with the 1-3 year olds and do all the "dashes" and then once all of the age groups have gone (just before the "Mickey Mile) they do the diaper dashes.  Since our group had two in the 1-3 age group and one in the 0-1 group we were out there pretty much all morning.  We packed lunches and while we waited for our turn enjoyed a pic-nic and played around in the field. It was such a beautiful day! 
I've mentioned…

Tips from Jeff Galloway - Fast and Fun - Its a state of mind

Good morning friends, I've received another set of tips from Jeff Galloway to share with all of you!  This time it's all about speed! Who wants tips on how to improve your speed without increasing your risk of injury? 

_ _ _ 

FAST AND FUN—It’s a state of mind

Why is running faster a good thing?  Short and fast segments not only help you run faster in races.  If you run a few faster segments each week you can improve your running efficiency while receiving a better attitude boost.

How long should you be running before you add some faster running in? After 2-3 months of regular running some short accelerations can be added with minimal risk of aches and pains. 

Is it possible that running fast can actually be fun?  Yes.  The secret is be creative and limit the length of the fast segment at first. 

How often should you run fast? Playful speed can be done once or twice a week.

Four Faster, Fun Workouts
1. Speed play that you can do on your own. ACCELERATE AND GLIDE.  After an easy 10 minu…

Guest Post: My First RunDisney Expo

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

I have a little secret... I never actually went to the expo for Princess half. Yep... I skipped it.  My race packet and shirts were all in the same room as the Kids Races packets and since there had been tales of chaos over in the actual expo, I opted to keep my girls out of that mess. Honestly, there wasn't anything I absolutely needed to purchase so it was the best decision. I am sad I missed it, but my sisters and niece went on Thursday evening. They seemed to have a great time, so I asked my little sister to share about her first ever RunDisney Expo and Packet pick up experience! 
Hello! My name is Dana and I am Erin's younger sister.The Enchanted 10k was my first Disney race and my sister asked me to talk a little about my experience with the exposition and packet pick up!
I arrived in Orlando early Thursday afternoon with our other sister Ruth, so we could settle into our hotel rooms, pick up our packets and visit the exposition. The plan worked ou…

Weekly Chase

Happy Monday Friends!
We had another weekend at home, complete with pancakes for breakfast on Saturday, playgrounds, multiple errands, family walks and a whole lot of fun.  I desperately wanted to surprise the girls and take them to Disney for the day on Saturday but my friend that I thought might drive the 3 hour trek in the morning and then again in the evening was sick. So, that didn't happen - but we had a lot of fun at home!

Let's talk about my goals from last week.
Run 2x - (2 miles on Sunday)Yoga 3x - (Mon, Tues, Wed)Family Walk 3x - (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun.)Organize Sippy cup drawer - Done! We only have the ones in use, and that don't leak!  Here are my goals for this week. As always, this is a link up with Mindy over at Run 2XFigure out a plan for upcoming Half Marathon (April 17)Yoga 3XFamily Walk 3XPack for our weekend trip to visit family What goals are you chasing this week? 

WDW Wednesday - Half Marathon Outfit Reveal!

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Last Wednesday I revealed our costume for the 10K. It was a LOT of fun to fun in costume, and receive compliments on our totally awesome costumes - BUT, I was pretty excited to NOT be running with wings for the Princess Half.

Last June my sister and I decided we would be the Eels from the Little Mermaid, Yes... JUNE (before we knew the theme!). So, when it was 3 weeks before the race and the only thing we had was a green visor an no outfit inspiration for these Eel costumes, we turned to Raw Threads.

We decided to purchase the 'I'm with the Villains" wear our green visors and a black Sparkle Athletic skirt. We decided to put a yellow eye on the visor to be more inspired by the eels and last minute I traced a little mermaid onto each eye.

Overall I was very happy with our costumes, because they were SUPER comfy, easy to run in and I felt we looked adorable!

DIY Little Mermaid Eye
Pull up a picture of the mermaid on your phonePut the yellow paper onto…