Friday, April 22, 2016

Star Wars Darkside Half Marathon - RECAP!

Friends, I couldn't wait until Wednesday!!! I'm just so excited, so SURPRISE!!! We had such a wonderful weekend at Walt Disney World, followed by an insane week at home (more on that in another post).

So without further boring introduction, here is my recap from the Star Wars Darkside Half Marathon. Recently I mentioned that due to a glitch in the system, my husbands proof of time was not read. However, since he had put all the information in a notes section of Active, RunDisney was able to (within seconds) place him in the appropriate corral! He moved from Corral J all the way up to Corral D [insert happy dance].

Since I am expecting, and had zero intention of stopping for anything except maybe a bathroom we agreed that he should run in his corral and I would run in mine (Corral G).

Prior to the start of the race, we took several pictures with some star wars peeps, and just had a lovely time enjoying the pre-race vibe.  My sister was also running the half but was in a different corral. I also advised her to run her own race and have a good time, because I knew I wouldn't be pushing myself (at all) for the race. My only goal was to finish before the sweepers.

The race started and I moved as far over to the right side as I possibly could and began my 30/30 intervals. I'd decided it would be short enough intervals to keep my distracted, and I wouldn't get my heart rate up too high too quickly. On Friday I took a one hour glucose test at the doctor to test for gestational diabetes, and was still feeling "off" so I really just wanted to do my own thing.

Baby Jimenez ready to start! 

My sister must have passed me around mile 2 because I got her 5k split a few minutes before I made it to the 5k mark, I never saw her. BUT... We were in Epcot and IT.WAS.AWESOME!  We entered Epcot from the back (like think underneath test track) and ran around World Showcase for a bit. Since it was still quite dark when we ran through it, all of the buildings had white lights around the top, and there was Star Wars music BLASTING through all the speakers. I'm not a Star Wars fan, but whatever nerdy ounce I have in my body was thrilled.


Running through Epcot while the sounds epic light saber battles are all around you? Best start to a race EVER!

After Epcot we entered onto the boardwalk area and ran the path that connects Epcot with Hollywood Studios. The course was quite narrow at this point, and as annoying as I was to all those around me, I continued to stick all the way to the right hand side and run 30/30 intervals.

Hollywood Studios was also pretty Epic. There was a large stage in front of the Chinese Theater with Kylo Ren and some storm troopers, you know encouraging you to "move along".  I had every intention of taking a picture, but ... I didn't. Not even sure why.

After HWS we entered the first long (and boring) stretch of Osceola Parkway. One thing they did, that I wish they'd do more of during other half marathons is they played movies every mile or so on the long boring stretches! I mean, it's not like meeting Jedi Mickey (Who was no where to be found) but it's pretty cool and distracting!

Before I knew it I was entering Animal Kingdom. I got a little emotional during this part of the course, mostly because I was having deja vu from when I ran the Marathon (pregnant with Baby 2). The sun was rising, and everything just looked so pretty!  I had a good time running though Animal Kingdom and took advantage of a REAL bathroom and sink to wash my hands.

After Animal Kingdom we entered the final stretches of Osceola Parkway. I'd started to slow down at this part, but was still well above the 16 min mile requirement so I was comfortable with my slowing pace.

Before I knew it I was turning a corner into the woods and running on a dirt path entering EPSN Wide World of Sports. The crowd was vibrant was we entered ESPN and it was here that the tears just fell. I'd done it... My knees still felt great, and I was approaching the finish line.

My dad and younger sister had come to chEAR us on with signs, so I blew some kisses to them and then headed for the finish line. Where my older sister had waited for me so we could take a picture together!

This was not my fastest half marathon, in fact it can go on the list as one of my slowest. However, it was the most fun I've had running a half marathon.

Finish: 3:19:21
Pace: 15:13 per mile
Pregnancy: 14 Weeks (Second Trimester)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Excited are we, Announcing Baby number 3

On Friday morning around 5:00 a.m. we texted our family to let them know we were expecting baby number 3. Of course everyone was super excited but they had no idea I was actually pretty far along and would be announcing to Facebook on the same day that we told them!

If you are interested, here are some of the details of pregnancy number 3.

  • Cereal - can't get enough... 
  • Salsa (if you have chips and salsa even better)
  • Cream Cheese - just keep it away, please. 
  • Joint pain 
  • Lazy - no energy (at all)
  • no nausea (hooray!)
  • Always hungry (just feed me and tell me I'm pretty)
Weight / Blood Pressure / Gestational Diabetes:
  • down 4 lbs
  • BP higher than my other two, but still healthy
  • Failed my 1 hour GTT, taking the 3 hour soon
Estimated Due Date: October 14, 2016

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