Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekly Chase - APRIL!!!!

I'm a little sad that it's April... Mostly because it means my baby girl will be turning 1 this month. Her first year went WAY too fast, and it makes me a little emotional to think about it. In the last month or so her personality has changed SO much. She is much more active now so she and her sister play together most of the day.

I love listening to them giggle and play together.

This weekend was a lot of fun. My husband made an appointment to get our tires rotated and oil changed first thing Saturday morning, so we loaded up the girls and headed to get that done before heading to the Magic Kingdom.  I am SO thankful we didn't cancel the appointment and go to Disney because it turns out the tires were in pretty rough shape - soooo 4 new tires (and an extra hour) at the dealership later and we were on our way to Disney.

The girls were pretty tired from playing at the dealership for 2.5 hours so they slept much of the trip (YAY).  We decided to order some Chipotle and eat before getting into the park, it was so good! Also, while we were eating the rest of the major rainstorm finished.

We got a little wet, but it wasn't too bad and the girls stayed dry so we weren't going to be scared away from Disney!

My two year old has recently fallen in LOVE with Jessie from Toy Story (2 & 3) so we wanted to surprise her by taking her to meet her. I won't lie, when I saw my girl RUNNING towards Jessie (ignoring Woody) I got a little emotional.

We met some princesses, rode some rides and just had a beautiful day! 

I'm linking up again with Mindy from to share my goals. 

Here are my goals from last week and how I did. 

1. Put laundry away - Yes, I even put away my husbands (something I typically don't do). 
2. Sort / Organize girls toys - Yes, was able to put away some toys that the baby has outgrown and free up some space in the toy bins. 
3.  Yoga 3X - Yes 
4. Run 2X - Only 1... (yikes) 

Goals for this week. 
1. Finalize menu for Disney trip in two weeks. 
2. Start making packing lists for the trip (Yes, when it's a run weekend AND a Birthday party weekend, you need lists). 
3. Run 2X
4. Yoga 3X

There you have it, I NEED to get out and run more this week... Someone hold me accountable. 

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