Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekly Chase - Star Wars Half Prep Week

Hello Lovelies!

It is time to start prepping for another #rundisney race weekend. I have mixed emotions about the Star Wars Darkside Challenge weekend.

On one hand, I am SUPER excited for it. We are staying in one of my bucket list resorts, we are celebrating our daughters first birthday, and it's star wars.

On the other hand, I'm pretty disappointed in the customer service of RunDisney. My husband worked really hard to get an awesome time to submit for a Proof of Time. He submitted it, and... something happened it wasn't read by the system and RD is refusing to accept the screen shot of his POT submission.  He has had zero luck with emailing RD about the situation, so we are going to head over to Runner Relations and hopefully get him in an appropriate corral.  ...sigh... so frustrating.

Before I get all excited an talk about my goals for this week, let me talk about last week.

Find the original post here.

As always, the Weekly Chase is hosted by Mindy, Please take a moment to check out her blog, she's fabulous!

1. Finalize menu for Disney Trip - YES, So happy to have that sorted out.
2. Start making packing lists for the trip - Lists made, and some items are starting to be set aside to pack.
3. Run 2x - Yes. (Tues / Sun)
4. Yoga 3x - Yes (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Now for my goals for THIS week!!

1. Laundry finished by Wednesday
2. Packed and car loaded by Thursday
3. Walk or Run 3x
4. Yoga 3x

There you have it! My goals for this week, I can't believe this weekend is here already. We've been planning for it since September and it just seems to have come WAY too quickly!

Question of the day: Are you a fan of Star Wars?
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