Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Life Update - May 2016

Can I just tell you that my life as been literally insane since my last post . Well, actually since before that post. So allow me to share what's been going on in our lives.

The best way I can explain the crazy is to give a little timeline of the last couple of weeks.

Friday, April 14 - Announce Baby # 3!!  Hooray!!! On this day we left for Disney to run the Darkside Half Marathon, I also had a doctors appointment AND we got a phone call from a University in Miami offering my husband a position. (Pretty much the greatest day ever!)

Monday, April 17 - Start date agreed upon.

When we arrived home on April 17th, we started packing our home in Fort Myers right away because my husband would be starting a new job back home in Miami in three weeks. So, I spent every opportunity packing, packing, packing (at 4 months pregnant).

Saturday, April 30 - MOVING DAY! We spent Saturday moving back to Miami, cleaning our apartment and turning in the keys.

Monday, May 1st - Baby Appointment and 3 hour glucose test (spoiler alert - I PASSED).

Wednesday, May 4th - Go visit friends and family in Central Florida, soak up some Disney fun.

Sunday, May 8th - Mother's Day at Epcot

Monday, May 9th - Daddy's first day!!!

So where are we now? After a year of gaining experience in my husbands field of study the Lord opened the doors for us to move back home to Miami. We are currently searching for a home to call ours, and loving life back in South Florida.

We are forever grateful for all those who prayed for us during the crazy transition, and are continuing to lift us up in their thoughts and prayers.

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