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Sweet Summertime 2016 - May and June Edition.

Since it's been a month since I updated (sorry-not-sorry), I thought I'd share what's been going on lately.

A Home for the Jimenez' 
We've identified a home, gone through the process and are waiting for a closing date from the bank. We are hoping to close soon.

Baby Jimenez' # 3
We found out of June 6th that baby number three is a healthy, thriving baby GIRL! We celebrated by bringing home Pink doughnuts for our two toddlers, and have been working on a name.

I'm still feeling pretty well, despite a stomach virus that swept through our house Father's Day weekend. There is nothing like vomiting so forcefully you can't breathe. ...seriously, never. again. I don't wish that on anyone!

Friends for our Girls
Our girls are settling back into Miami life very well. We've joined up with a great group of moms who have children close in age to the girls and it has been such a blessing in both my life and our children. They LOVE to go to the zoo, and differ…