Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sweet Summertime 2016 - May and June Edition.

Since it's been a month since I updated (sorry-not-sorry), I thought I'd share what's been going on lately.

A Home for the Jimenez' 
We've identified a home, gone through the process and are waiting for a closing date from the bank. We are hoping to close soon.

Baby Jimenez' # 3
We found out of June 6th that baby number three is a healthy, thriving baby GIRL! We celebrated by bringing home Pink doughnuts for our two toddlers, and have been working on a name.

I'm still feeling pretty well, despite a stomach virus that swept through our house Father's Day weekend. There is nothing like vomiting so forcefully you can't breathe. ...seriously, never. again. I don't wish that on anyone!

Friends for our Girls
Our girls are settling back into Miami life very well. We've joined up with a great group of moms who have children close in age to the girls and it has been such a blessing in both my life and our children. They LOVE to go to the zoo, and different play dates with the kids. I enjoy seeing some other moms, and having friendly conversation.

Anything else? 
Between play dates, zoo dates and life there really hasn't been much happening. My little corner of the internet has suffered because I have been more focused on my family. More and more I come to the realization that our time with our children is way too short.

So, what's new in your life? Any fun summer plans or activities happening in your life?

If you miss me, you can find me over on snapchat and instagram with the username @storybookerin I'm still very active on those social media platforms.

Until next time...

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