Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bump Date: Gestational Diabetes?

Since its been a minute since I updated specifically on my pregnancy, I thought I'd update the Internet on what's happening with Baby #3! 

Last Friday I entered my third trimester and the day before I drank that delicious (ahem - gross) Glucola and have my blood drawn. 

Weight Gain: up 8 lbs
Blood Pressure: normal

- snickers 
- Big Macs 
- Carrots 

After a week of trying to be patient and wait for the results of my glucose test, I called the doctor. 

I've been abnormally tired lately, so I just blamed it on our move, my two girls (2 and 1), and the fact that I've not eating the best. Well, turns out my iron levels are low. Sooooo, I now will be adding extra iron supplements to my diet. 

Butttttt guesssssss whatttttttttt 

I passed my glucose test!!!!!!! No gestational diabetes!!!!!!!!!! This is huge, especially since this is my third pregnancy and my first time passing my third trimester screening! 

I danced around my living room for quite some time and am so excited to not have  to spend the next 11+ weeks pricking my fingers 4x a day! 

Such a great non scale victory!!! 

Question of the day: what was your last non-scale victory?

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