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Happy Halloween 2016!

This was such a fabulous year for our family. Our two year old is suddenly very into holidays, and fell in love with the idea of all things pumpkins and dress up. 
Since I've never seen the Magic Kingdom decorated for fall, we decided to spend an evening in MK. The decorations did not disappoint! It was our first trip to the Magic Kingdom as a family of 5 and we opted to leave the stroller in the car, so we didn't get many pictures of the decorations. You will just have to trust me when I say that they were adorable! 

On Halloween the big girls spent the day with their "ye-ya" (Abuela) and I took Mr. Green from the clue game to work. We decided to introduce baby girl to all daddy's colleagues and some of my former colleagues as well. 

In the evening we joined up with my mommy friends and thier precious families at a nearby Harvest Fest!
We all dressed up like animals and zoo keepers, it was so much fun and everyone looked fantastic!  Little bunny Zuzu. 
The sweetest Ch…

Pumpkin Patch Fun 2016

Yesterday morning my husband woke up and said "let's go to the pumpkin patch".

So, we did!

The girls had such a wonderful time running around and playing in the pumpkin patch. Pumpkin patches are a fun fall tradition for our family, one we look forward to continuing year after year. <3

Question of the day, what's your favorite fall tradition?

Running Tips from Jeff Galloway: Fast Lane 101

Content provided by Jeff Galloway, with the intent to share with all of you lovely readers. 

Neighborhood tracks are the most convenient place to run for most.  Whether you're taking your first steps or wanting to improve your time, it's easy to check your pace by timing each lap. Because I've spoken to many runners who mistakenly feel that they are not fast enough to run at the local oval, here are a few simple guidelines:
What is the distance of a lap?  Standard distance is 400 meters (@ .25 mile).In which direction should I run?   In most cases, run counterclockwise.  A few tracks alternate direction from day to day,  so follow the direction of the other runners.What lane should I use when running slow or walking?  The inside 3 lanes are reserved for faster runners and those doing speed workouts.  Most runners should use the 2 outside lanes.How do I pass slower runners? Assuming a normal, counterclockwise pattern, move to the right to pass, with a smile.Is it OK for kids…

Our Visit to The Little Farm

If you live in the South Florida area and have young children, I recommend filling a car with some friends and family and heading down to Goulds for some fun at "The Little Farm".*
As a mom of young children I'm always searching the web for fun (free or inexpensive) adventures for our family. It was on one of these searches that I found The Little Farm. 
I was skeptical at first because it was 5.00 just to park the car, but... when you've been cooped up in your house with three kids for a few weeks you start to look for opportunities to get out. 
At The Little Farm you will find lots of animals to look at, a cute photo opportunity ($12.00), pumpkins, petting zoo ($4.00), butterfly garden (free), horse and pony rides ($3.00), a play area and food for purchase. According to the website, proceeds from the food and pumpkin purchases during the pumpkin patch event are given to charity.
Our family had a lovely afternoon playing on the farm. We decided not to go inside the…

Happy Due Date, Baby # 3!

I can hardly believe we've been snuggling our third baby for three weeks already! Our pint-size Princess has captured our hearts and we are so thankful that she is here and healthy.

(Birth Story Part 1 & Part 2)

It's hard to describe life at home with all three girls. It takes some time to get into a routine, and with my husband being home for paternity leave, and then having a couple days off for Hurricane Matthew, it's been a little hard to find a rhythm.  I am exclusive-ishly breastfeeding (she gets 1 supplement per day as per Doctors orders), and we have been going through a growth spurt - So,... that makes sleep a little rough right now. One little peep, and the whole house is woken up to check on the baby... :-/

My biggest challenge has been making sure I spend individual time with each of my girls every day. It's hard, and exhausting because I'm breastfeeding, so sometimes I have to stop and feed the baby and I deal with some pretty strong mommy guilt, b…

Top 3 Must Haves for the Hospital!

I fully intended to do a "what's in my bag" YouTube video. I really felt I had a lot to share with the world,  especially since this is my third baby in three years.

However, the Lord had other plans and instead of making a YouTube video during week 36, I spent every moment prepping myself, my home and my toddlers to welcome baby! 
So, instead of a video, I'm going to share my top 3 items to bring to the hospital  for mom,dad, and baby!
For Mom. 
Headphones & phone (or iPod).
If you are induced, or have a long labor you will most likely be hooked up to a lot of monitors with beeping and heart beats. For a while, this can be very soothing. However, it can also be a little unnerving after a while. You also may be able to hear nurses and doctors and other movement in the hallways. Grab your headphones and put on a playlist to either help you relax, or get you in the zone! 
Tervis Cup with a Straw.
If you are breastfeeding, or took any medication during the delivery you…

Baby # 3, An Early Welcome to the World. Part 2.

In case you missed it, here is Part 1

In part one, I talk about why we induced at 37 weeks, so if you start reading and question why we would welcome our baby girl into the world at only 37 weeks, please take a quick look at part 1.

Thursday arrived, it was the day we would check into the hospital to welcome our third baby girl. My husband decided to stay home from work. We had a list of last minute things to do, and then drop the girls off with their grandparents.

After we dropped the girls off, I tried really hard to take a nap. Unfortunately, all I could do was count baby kicks and pray we would be able to deliver her without use of a c-section. My only fear with a cesarean is that I wouldn't be able to hold my toddlers during the recovery, and I just couldn't bear the thought. I expressed that concern to my obstetrician and he assured me that he felt confident we would not need a c-section, but if at any point the baby was showing she wouldn't be able to handle the d…