Tuesday, December 6, 2016

3 Tips for taking your Newborn to Disney

A NEWBORN...in DISNEY? The germ capitol of the world?...
Yes, I took my newborn to Disney (more than once) and today I am going to share with you how I kept her safe and germ free!

Tip # 1 - Wear your baby!

I don't know why, but in my experience if a baby is in a stroller people are more likely to breath and touch them. However, if you have them tucked away nice and close to you in a baby carrier, people are more likely to give you some space! As an added bonus, baby wearing is beneficially to the emotional support of both mom and baby!

Tip # 2 - Be picky about where you change the diapers!

Walt Disney World has these AMAZING baby centers in each of the parks. It's not always convenient to where you are located. However, if you have a young baby with you, it is worth the trip to the baby center. There are cast members inside cleaning up after each diaper change, and can help you with anything you might need.

If you are in an emergency type (blow-out) situation, I recommend using a "companion" restroom. Your spouse and other children can come with you to help get your baby cleaned up and back out having a good time in a hurry. In my experience, not all of these restrooms have a changing table, but most of them do. Especially in Hollywood Studios.

Tip # 3 - Learn to feed and walk

Newborns have tiny tummies and need to eat often. My newborns always seem to take a LONG time to eat. So, instead of sitting on a bench feeding my baby, I learned how to breastfeed in a carrier. I'm not going to lie, it's a little awkward at first but once you get the hang of it - you will be discreetly feeding like a pro! It's much easier to accomplish the discretion part when it's cold outside, because people don't look twice for a blanket over your baby carrier when it's cold, but just be confident!

Feeding in the Baby Center 
If you need a comfortable place to feed you baby, there are lots of little private areas throughout the parks and there is even a private nursing room in each park! On a recent trip we had lots of family with us, so I went to the baby center and fed the baby before heading to the car.

You can also feed from a bottle while you walk, the key is to walk slowly and always keep a visual on your baby, making sure thier airways are not obstructed in anyway.

As a bonus tip, I was sure to keep babies hands covered. You can do this by putting baby in one of those onesies with built in mittens or buying some separate. I was sure to change her clothes throughout the day and not let the Characters get too close during photos.

We had such a lovely experience at Disney with our newborn, and I know you will too!

Question of the day: How young were you on your first trip to Disney World?

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