Friday, December 16, 2016

How to ditch the stroller and have the best Disney day ever!

Over the last year I can probably count on 1 hand the amount of times we actually took a stroller into the Disney Parks. If you've ever been to Disney during a busy day, you've probably been run over by a stroller or two. As a mom or three very young children, please know it is never the intent of the stroller driver to hit you in the back of the heels and nothing is more frustrating than Main Street USA with a stroller! ;-)

So, how did we conquer Disney with 2 toddlers 2 and under and a baby on the way?

1. Pack lightly!
If you have young children in diapers, there is no way around the need for a certain amount of diapers. I typically pack 1 diaper per child, per hour we plan to be in the parks and 1 extra per child for that unexpected blow out! Our back pack typically looked like this:

  • Diapers (1 per child per hour of our planned visit)
  • Snacks (3-4 different snacks)
  • Milk (enough for the walk to the car or hotel)
  • if needed - a light jacket
The more often we went to the parks, the less items we tended to bring. In the early days we would bring bottles and sippy cups, but quickly realized our girls preferred to drink "Mickey Water" (a cup of free water from a quick service restaurant) so the sippy cups were left in the car or hotel room!

2. Baby Wearing! 
The best way to get from place to place in the parks quickly with toddlers is to strap them on and walk. Our favorite baby carrier for this is the Lille Baby Airflow. It's a little pricey at over 100 dollars on Amazon, but it's worth EVERY penny! You can wear it six different ways, is very breathable for the Florida heat, and even has a zipper pocket for your phone and keys. 


3. Have a goal!
Each time we enter a Disney park, we have a goal! For example, we pick 2-3 rides that we MUST do and the rest is a bonus. In order to get the best out of your Disney day, be sure to know where you want to go and what you want to do before you get into the park. Disney is beautiful, and busy! You will find yourself more relaxed if you have your day kind of mapped out before you get into the park.

4. Stay on property!
If you are going to be there for only day with young kids,  I'd recommend staying on property! It's so much easier to get in and out of the parks, and you can have a private place to escape the crowds and rest before heading back into the parks for some of the night time shows!
5. Park the stroller, and walk to rides! 
The times we did bring the stroller into the parks we would often park the stroller in a central location and walk. This is good for when you need to take lots of jackets, snacks, and stuff with you. It is also helpful when you plan to stay from Rope drop to Wishes! 

And that's how we do it! 

Question of the day: Do you ditch the stroller when you do Disney? 

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