Monday, December 5, 2016

#Miami Famous Monday - Week 3?

Gooooood Morning!

Sorry I didn't update anyone after week 2. I didn't exactly reach my goals, or exercise too much that week. We were quite busy with getting ready for Thanksgiving, and I just wasn't able to get everything accomplished.

So, let's just move on shall we?

We are now about 7 weeks away from the Miami Half Marathon and here is how I was active last week!

11/28 - Unpack from Thanksgiving Vacation, chase toddlers?
11/29 - Spent the whole day either at the Pediatrician or with sick toddlers
11/30 - Youtube Dance video (12 minutes)
12/1 - Fat burning Dance routine.
12/2 - Survived two toddlers with a fever.
12/3 - Cleaning & Surviving this whole virus thing.
12/4 - A whole lot of cleaning, rearranging furniture and praying we get over this awful virus.

Goals for this week!
  • Go for a LONG walk on Monday
  • Yoga 3x
  • Run 2x
What are your goals for the week? 
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