Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Postpartum Running Goals!

at 11:20 a.m. on Friday my sweet little Belle will be 12 weeks old, I can't believe how fast time is flying. Although I was cleared to return to all forms of exercise about 6 weeks ago, I just couldn't find the time to get my sneakers on and run. It's so much harder to get up before the girls and run than I thought it'd be (something to do with round the clock feeding / nightmare comforter / teething comforter). You'd think an after dinner run wouldn't be that hard, but with bath time, bed time and cluster feeding - it's hard!

So, now that we are roughly three months into this life with three precious girls under the age of three years old, I think i've figured it out! 

Postpartum Running Goals - December - February
  1. Finish the Miami Half Marathon in 1 piece 
I'm not sure what I was thinking, when I thought I would be able to get up at 5 a.m. 3x a week to run, I just don't know. The fact is, I have a half Marathon roughly 6 weeks from now and my only goal is to finish it in 1 piece. I will accomplish this by running 3x a week, and resting the other days. 

Running Days
  • Tuesday, 30-45 minutes
  • Thursday, 30-45 minutes
  • Sunday, Long Run
How will I get out the door during the week?
  • Have dinner ready as soon as my husband gets home from work
  • Leave the dishes until after the run
  • Feed the baby during during so I'm able to quickly escape out the door
  • Leave the dishes until after bedtime 

How will I accomplish a long run?
  • Family Dinner
    • Every Sunday we hang out at my in-laws home. I will simply excuse myself for a little while and go for a nice long run. 
  • 30/30 Run-Walk
    • 30/30 Run-Walk felt very comfortable for my during my first postpartum run, and I think I need to stick with that for the remainder of my training for the Miami Half
Current Favorite Running Gear*!

Question of the day: What's are you training for? 

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