Friday, December 9, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 - Recap

During a Thanksgiving lunch I wrote that I was thankful for healthy children. The day after our Thanksgiving celebrations my two older children promptly got sick. You have NO idea how thankful I was when they started to come back to normal (two weeks later!!!). Stomach Virus followed by 5 teeth popping through for one toddler, then growing pains followed by stomach virus for the other toddler.

It. Was. Awful!

ANYWAY! Now that everyone is healthy again, I thought I'd take a few moments to capture some of the memories from our littlest love's first Thanksgiving!

If you'd rather just take a minute and see the video, check out our Youtube Channel!

Our Thanksgiving began a day early, when my husband semi-surprised me by taking Wednesday off of work! We ran some errands, went to the park with the girls and even set up the Christmas tree together! 
Thursday morning we got up bright and early for the local Turkey Trot! I did a full recap of the race a couple of days ago, you can check it out here if you're interested!

As done the last two years, we enjoyed a traditional Miami Thanksgiving! It has everything you would expect on the menu around the U.S., complete with some Rice and Beans and Tres Leches for dessert.  

My children were to tired from the Turkey Trot in the morning they totally slept through the meal, and then woke up to have Rice and Beans with Carrots.  

After dessert and naps we headed to Orlando for Thanksgiving Part 2! My side of the family gets together each year and spends the weekend at a resort. There is plenty of room for the 4 cousins (under 3) to run around and play and even a playground! This year we are annual pass holders to Disney World. So, of course we took a few trips over to see the Mouse!

It was a lovely Thanksgiving celebration, and I am continually reminded of how blessed I am. The Lord gave my husband and I three babies in three years, He gave us a huge responsibility with these three precious girls, and I am forever thankful for that! 

Question of the day: What are your Thanksgiving Traditions? 

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