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April 2017 Fitness Goals!

Happy Friday!

It's so crazy to think that we are already heading into April!!! During the year 2017 I have decided to really take a break from running, and focus on my core strength. I made this decision mostly because with three pregnancies in three years my core is so weak, and it's next to impossible to actually find time to consistently run.

So, here we are approaching April and I thought I'd take a break from Beach Body Programs and go back to an oldie but goody!

When I first started my weight loss journey in 2012 I used to do this workout DVD a lot, and found a lot of success with it, so this time I thought i'd invite you to join me with the thirty day shred!

I will be hosting an event on my FB page, where you can check in with me and we can work together to accomplish goals! 
The Schedule: April 1-10, Level 1 April 11-20, Level 2 April 21-30, Level 3
*This post contained affiliated links, it costs nothing extra to you but does give a little percentage to our famil…

DIY Disney: Try the Grey Stuff

Happy WDW Wednesday Friends!
My three year old is really into crafting right now, and so when we ran across the recipe for "grey stuff" we knew we HAD to try it! Cooking and Crafting with your toddlers is such a fun and rewarding experience, one I highly recommend! 

Ingredients*:  Oreo CookiesVanilla PuddingChocolate PuddingMilkCool Whip Instructions: Make Vanilla Pudding, as per the instructionsSmash the Oreo Cookies into small piecesMix cookies into the Vanilla puddingAdd Cool Whip Mix in 2-3 tablespoons of Chocolate pudding powderChill before servingOptional: Put onto brownies This recipe was super easy and fun to make. I think if I were to make it again, I would just use cookies and cream pudding instead of mixing cookies into the vanilla pudding.  As far as making it with a toddler, this was great! It was great for my three year old to practice some skills. 
Teachable Moments: Discuss utensils usedRead togetherGross Motor Skills MixingPouring
More Disney DIY Moana Necklace *thi…

DIY Disney: Moana Necklace

I fear we are a little late on the whole Moana craze. To be honest, I didn't know much about it, and we didn't see it until we rented it a few days after it released on DVD. So please forgive me if the love of Moana is old news, but...we LOVED Moana! It's so nice to have some great non-princess movies for our girls to like.

Our oldest daughter has recently been really into crafting, and her younger sister wants to do anything and everything her big sister does. So, I'm always on the hunt for quick and easy crafts that both a 1 and 3 year old can do.

Crafting with toddlers can feel overwhelming, but as a mom of three young ones I am here to tell you - it doesn't have to be! This craft can be done in about 5-10 minutes and requires very few supplies, set up and clean up.


Green construction papermarkers (or crayons)glitter glueRibbon scissors The Process Have your children draw several circles on the green papercut into the shape of "The Heart of Te Fiti&qu…

2 Ingredient Carpet Refresher (Budget Friendly)

Over the last two years I have been diving into the world of essential oils.  It was around the time I had given birth to our second daughter, and I wanted to reduce my use of cleaners with heavy fumes or toxins.

I'd spent a lot of time on Pinterest searching for DIY cleaning recipes and today I thought i'd take a moment to share two ways I've used essential oils on my carpets.

Both ways are simple, budget friendly and have been tested by me.

This first only requires a cotton ball, and a few drops of your favorite essential oils.

Cotton BallEssential Oils I've used both lavender and orange Instructions: 
Put the EO's on a cotton ballVacuum the cotton ball Vacuum as per usual What to expect:  As you vacuum, the essential oils leave a nice subtle hint. I liked to use the Orange when I would vacuum in the day time because it seemed to lift my spirits, and feel clean. I've also used the lavender when vacuuming bedrooms,  to give a calming fragrance. 

Now f…

Fit Mom: Hip Hop Abs Program

We are approaching the end of my hip hop abs program, and although my six pack abs never showed up, I thought I'd take a moment to talk about the program.

The Trainer

I love Shawn T.

He's upbeat personality helped this momma push play over and over again. I really enjoyed his personality, and had a lot of fun with the workouts, and am looking forward to doing another program with Shawn T.

The Workouts

The first week I was completely lost, I didn't know my left from my right. However, that's not anything about the workout. That's just I'm not exactly coordinated. ;-)

I appreciated that the workouts were fast moving, and had very limited floor time. If you read my why I ditched Piyo post, you understand why.

These workouts can be adapted for any fitness level, and any age. My 1 year old loved to dance with mom!

The Results
I still have another week on the program, and to be honest. My nutrition has been pretty rough lately, so I am not expecting any big results this…

Motherhood Diary: Tummy Time

When you marry the son of a physical therapist, expect to be given more information that you ever knew you needed on the importance of tummy time. On top of my MIL's (Mother in Law) advice and information on tummy time, I read far too many articles on the importance of allowing your babies time on their tummy.

Just a few benefits...

Increases neck strength and stabilityhelps with core strengthhelps relieve reflux and gas gives them opportunity to explore their world 
Well, we are at 5 months with our youngest and thanks to lots and lots of tummy time, she can officially roll both ways and belly crawl / scoot to wherever she wants to be. 
She's reaching a point in her life where she can start to show her independence a little bit and make decisions for herself. She can decide if she wants to go for the toys her sister is playing with or hang out with her Nemo toy for a bit. 
I'm so proud of her.
She's proving to be just as determined and strong willed as bo…