Thursday, May 4, 2017

Facebook Prompt: Tell us about your babies!

Q & A about my THREE Babies! 

1. Did you have an epidural? Yes, all three times. The third baby something went wrong and it didn't work.
2. Was your significant other in the room? Yes, all three times
3. Were you induced? Yes, all three times
4. Did you find out the sex? Yes
5. Due date? 1/19, 4/28, 10/14
6. Did you deliver early or late? 39 weeks, 39 weeks, 37 weeks
7. Did you have morning sickness? Not much with my first, or third but miserable with my second
8. What did you crave? Cuban Food, Coffee and Ice with baby number 2, and Big Mac's with my third. 
9. How many pounds did you gain? -4 with baby 1, 6 with baby 2, 12 with baby 3. 
10. What was the sex of the baby? Girls 
11. Did you have any complications? Gestational Diabetes, Borderline Gestational Diabetes, and Suspected IUGR with my third 
12. Where did you give birth? Hospital 
13. How many hours were you in labor? 22, 23, 10
14. How much did your baby weigh? 6.1, 6.3, 5.5
15. What did you name the baby? Little Lady, Love Bug & Chuleta 
16. How old is your baby today? 3, 2, 7 months
Christmas 2014, Running for 2! <3 

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