Wednesday, June 28, 2017

2017 Running Announcement!

I, am Erin of Miami. You will follow my (Disney) Instagram and keep me accountable as I train for the Walt Disney World, MARATHON! 
See the line at the end of the race? It Calls me... 
That finish line 26.2 miles from the beginning have been calling me since I crossed it in January of 2015.  Roughly three months after crossing that finish line we welcomed our sweet love bug into the world and I've thought about running another marathon ever since.

I wasn't planning to run a Marathon until 2019 or 2020. However, when my friend Stephanie  reminded me that it was the 25th Anniversary and that it wasn't sold out, I just couldn't resist...

What can I say, I get distracted by shiny things like 25th anniversary bling! 

Training Schedule
I will be following the schedule put together by Jeff Galloway and RunDisney for my training. Jeff Galloway has never let me down with his Run/Walk method, it's a method of running that i've used for all my running and with it was able to complete the Goofy Challenge with a baby on board.
Read about it here.

This time I am not expecting, so in addition to Marathon Training, I am hoping to continue my weight loss journey. That being said, plan is to stick to the following schedule as much as possible.

  • Monday - Pilates or Yoga
  • Tuesday - 30 minute Run
  • Wednesday - Upper Body 
  • Thursday - 30 Minute Run
  • Friday - Stretching 
  • Saturday - Long Runs 
  • Sunday - Rest / Roll 

I will be posting most of my journey on my NEW Disney themed Instagram, and I'd love to have you follow along!

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