Monday, July 3, 2017

MARATHON MONDAY: Let's chat about Week 1 of Marathon Training!!

It's not quite midnight so there's still time right? 

I can't believe week one of Marathon Training has already ended, and I am SO excited for January!! My husband was traveling at the beginning of the week, so I really wasn't able to get any workouts in until he returned.

Monday - Wednesday - No formal exercise

Thursday: 25 Minute Hill Repeats on the Treadmill
I felt really good during the workout, but the next morning I was pretty sore. I think It will be really important for me to work in some bridge and hill training for all those overpasses on the course!

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 3 Mile Run
Since it was week one, and I really haven't done much running since January I was sure to take it easy. I also knew we'd be walking around the zoo most of the day with our girls so I wanted to be sure I had some energy for that.

After the zoo we went swimming for a little while, and it was a beautiful Saturday and close to week 1 of Marathon Training!!

In case you missed it...
I'm running the WDW Marathon January 2018

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