Monday, September 4, 2017

MARATHON MONDAY: WDW Marathon, Week 10

Hiya Pals,

Welcome to Week 10 of my journey to the 2018 WDW Marathon! what happened to week 9...? 


Week 9, didn't happen. Unfortunately, I've had a few set-backs, but now I am pleased to say we are back on track. 

- Rest Day

  • Pilates 
    • 10 minutes, focused on my arms
  • 2.35 miles
    • 30 minutes
    • 12:46 MM pace
For this run I was inspired by Max. Prince Eric's faithful pup! To complete the look put on a simple white tank top paired with my Gun Metal Grey Sparkle Athletic skirt!  I was quite proud of myself on this run because I was able to maintain very close to my goal pace, something I didn't think I could do - after a couple weeks of missed runs. 

  •  Pilates
    • 10 minutes, arm focus 
  • Pilates
    • 5 minutes, arm focus
  • 1:05 Miles
    • 12 minutes
    • 11:26 MM pace
For Thursdays run I was inspired by Olaf. I love his vibrant personality, and I thought a little inspiration from him would fuel my run and BOY did it ever! I had a goal to run 1 mile without stopping, and I did it!!! Not only did I accomplish the goal, I did it in under my goal pace! 

To create this look I grabbed a plastic carrot from my girls toy kitchen, and paired it with a white long sleeved running shirt and white Sparkle Athletic skirt! 


I didn't get an chance to get my long run in this weekend, I was organizing a Baby Shower for my sister in law, and visiting with my sister. 

Additionally, my oldest daughter spiked a fever that lasted over 24 hours so I took her to the pediatrician and had her checked for both the flu and strep throat. - Thankfully, both negative and she is fully recovered. However, another one of my girls now feeling sick. 

Can't wait to snuggle this sweet baby! 

This weekend was also the Dumbo Double Dare (Disneyland Half Marathon) weekend in California, I am so proud of my girl Lena for her accomplishments!   

Congratulations to all the finishers! 

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