Monday, September 25, 2017

MARATHON MONDAY: WDW Marathon, Week 13

105 Days until the WDW Marathon 

In 105 days, I'm getting this Beauty! 

I'm SUPER excited about it too!

I'm finding my groove again with Marathon Training, and am working to adjust my plan with our current calendar of events (Birthdays, Holidays, Life).  Once I settle on a plan, I plan to share it so I can be held accountable!

Although Miami was spared from a direct hit from Hurricane Irma, and the Lord protected all of us - the effects of the storm have really caused me to re-think how I'm getting my runs done. I'd planned to run my 15+ mile runs at Shark Valley. However, they are still closed due to the amount of trees to be cleaned up.  Speaking of trees and clean up... I can't even run on the side walks around my home because they are filled with piles and piles of branches. - It's really sad looking to be honest and i'm looking forward to everything being cleaned up.

You can read our #IrmaStory here. 

So, let's chat for a bit about my training runs. After a HORRIBLE 13.1 in Washington D.C., I was eager to get back out there and shake off the negative feelings about running - So, in true Taylor Swift Fashion, I just had to shake, shake, shake it off. ;-) 

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 I wasn't able to get my run in on Thursday, because I was doing last minute prep for our daughters first birthday. So I knew I had to get my Saturday run in! After everything was semi-cleaned up, and our family headed home I dressed in my green Sparkle Athletic skirt black shirt and headed to the treadmill for four miles Disney Bounding as Kim Possible!

I was quite pleased with my runs this week, but I'm running out of costume ideas.

So, leave me some comments about who I should dress up as for some upcoming runs!

Have a great week everyone, and continue to pray for those recently effected by natural disasters.
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