Monday, October 2, 2017

Marathon Monday: WDW Marathon Training, Week 14

Training Week 14

it's getting real. 

We've hit the part of Marathon Training, where we regularly run longer distances than most people will ever imagine running. That's right, on Saturday I was scheduled to run 15 miles! - but before I jump into that, let me talk about the weekly runs. 

Tuesday, I did 30 minutes on the treadmill dressed as Marie. - It was so much fun! 

Costume Details:
  • White Tank - TJ-Maxx
  • White Sparkle Skirt - Sparkle Athletic
  • Brooks Shoes 
  • Pink Bow's - Wal Mart
Thursday, I was scheduled for 30 minutes. However, it was Banned Books Week and my husband was participating in an event at FIU,  so I was with my Librarian. 

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Saturday rolled around and i'd set myself up for success with my 15 miles. However, when I went to the location I was going to run, It seemed to be pretty full of branches from Hurricane Irma, so I came home and ran on the treadmill.

I got 5 miles in, and got distracted by someone talking to me so I just called it a day. 15 miles on the treadmill was a bad idea...

Next week I plan to do 15-16 miles! I mother in law is going to take the girls on Friday night, so I can get an uninterrupted night of sleep, and then my husband can go with me and keep me company for the run!

Today I am also starting the 21 day fix, mostly to get my eating back on track - i've totally fallen off the band wagon of healthy eating, and it's starting to show in the way my clothes fit...

Question of the day: What are your goals for the week?
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