Monday, October 9, 2017

MARATHON MONDAY: WDW Marathon Training, Week 15

It's a long road, but it's worth it.

Welcome to Week 15 of Marathon Training! 
In case you missed my previous post, you can Read all about week 14 here! 

This week I started the 21 Day Fix again. I'm really trying to get a handle on my eating. I find that I don't eat enough of the right foods throughout the day, so I just don't feel my best! Something I do love about the 21 day fix eating plan is that it's spelled out for you. You are told (based on your personal weight) how many servings of proteins, carbs, greens, fruit, etc... 

I first did the 21 day fix in January of this year and had great results - check it out my results here! 

On Tuesday I did my 21 day fix exercise and ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I felt pretty good, no aches or pains and was pretty happy with my pace! 

Tuesday Run
  • 1.40 miles
  • 14:17 pace
  • Disney Bound as Candace from Phineas and Ferb

How I completed the look
Wednesday I took a full rest day from fitness. I played with the girls chased them around as per usual, but did not do anything extra. 

Thursday... Seriously... Thursday about had me in tears (if you saw my Instagram Stories!)
I got all dressed up (like Gretchen from Recess), gave the girls a snack, made sure my husband had knew where all the sippy cups were and headed out the door for my run.

When I arrived at the gym there was a couple there. The lady sitting in a chair, and a man on a bike. The woman was sitting literally right next to the treadmill on a chair, so I asked if I could use it. She said sure and I began to run.

2 minutes in, my shirt is riding up and bothering me. Upon investigation of the situation I realized my shirt was on inside out. :::shakes head:::
So, I left all my stuff on the treadmill, ran into the bathroom and flipped it around - the whole thing took less than a minute.

During that time, the man (who saw me go into the bathroom, and that I left all my stuff on the treadmill) TOOK THE TREADMILL.... STOPPED MY PAUSED WORKOUT!!

I came back, and got my stuff and went home to get my garmin so I could run outside. - I was not impressed....

It's unfortunate that our gym only has 1 treadmill, but I did have a lovely run outside.

Thursday Run
  • 2.20 miles
  • 14:08 pace

How I completed the look
Saturday was SUCH a great day for me. I was absolutely terrified about running 16 miles, but I knew I had to do it - no matter what.  So, I asked my inlaws if they would host a slumber party for the grand babies and set myself up for success.

I was able to go to sleep quite early (and then toss and turn all night worrying about the girls) and get up at 3:45 to be running by 5:00 a.m., my goal was to have the majority of my miles finished before the sun came up.

My husband went with me, and was to be my moving water /fuel stop.

Miles 1-4, Walking
Miles 4-8, Run/walk 45s/45s intervals
Miles 8-10, Walking
Miles 11-12, Run/Walk 45s/45s intervals
Mile 12, Walking
Mile 13, Run/Walk 45s/45s interval
Mile 14, Walking
Mile, 15, Run/Walk - intervals maintained as best as possible

My husband did miles 1-4, and 12-16 with me on foot and then met me around the loop with water around mile 6.

How did I feel?
I felt great until mile 10, then suddenly my smallest toe was in such pain. It was like my shoe and sock were both too tight. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to fix it without stopping and redoing everything. That would risk me getting too tight, so I just dealt with it.

Details of the Run

  • 16:01 miles
  • 17:21 pace
  • Costume inspired by Ursula! 
For this run, I decided to wear one of my favorite shirts and go with an Ursula Vibe. It was so comfortable and the black sparkle skirt always feels so nice! If you are only going to buy one sparkle skirt, go with black - it matches everything! Second, I'd vote white! I wear my white one literally ALL the time! 

How I completed the look
So that was my week, I'm pretty proud of the week and am looking forward to next week! 

Question of the day: Who is your favorite character in the Little Mermaid?
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