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Running Event Schedule & Recaps!

"I run in the paths of your commandments 
for YOU have set my heart free" 
Psalm 119:32



  1. January, Miami Famous Half Marathon
  2. November, Miami Turkey Trot


  1. January, Miami Half Marathon; Half Marathon PR 2:50:50
  2. February, Glass Slipper Challenge; (6 weeks pregnant) (10K and 1/2 Marathon)
  3. April, Star Wars Darkside Half (14 weeks pregnant) (1/2 Marathon)
  4. November, Miami Turkey Trot


  1. January, Goofy Challenge (25 weeks pregnant) (WDW 1/2 (3:28:07); WDW Full Marathon (7:01:17)
  2. October, Monster Dash 10K, Leesburg Florida (1:12:58 - NEW PR) 
  3. November, Fort Myers Half
  4. November, Turkey Trot


  1. 26 April, Lake Minneola 12K (135:12)
  2. 6 September, UPS 5K
  3. 20 September, Miami Children's 5K
  4. 4 October, Tower of Terror 10-Miler
  5. November, Miami Youth for Christ 5K
  6. November, Thanksgiving Turkey Trot
  7. 7 December, Diva's 1/2 Marathon - My 30th Birthday Celebration! 

  1. 1 January, Resolution Run 5K (48 minutes)
  2. 10 January, Disney Family 5K (3.35 miles, 44:47, 13:21 minute pace)
  3. 1 February, 5 by the 5th Challenge (46.12)
  4. 2 February, Tackle the Miles Virtual Race (50.00 injured my right foot)
  5. 24 February, Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon (03:27:00) 
  6. 1 March, 5 by the 5th Challenge (44.53)
  7. 16 March, St. Patrick's Day Virtual Race (47.00)
  8. 1 April, 5 by the 5th Challenge
  9. 14 April, Iron Girl Half Marathon (3:00:00)
  10. April, The Glow Run (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
  11. 1 May, 5 by the 5th Challenge
  12. 1 June, 5 by the 5th Challenge 
  13. 2 June, Tutu Relay in Key West (10K)
  14. 15 September, Zoo Run (5K)
  15. September, Miami Children's Run (5K)
  16. September, Tower of Terror Ten-Miler
  17. 12 October, The Color Run (5K)
  18. Thanksgiving Day, Turkey Trot (5K)
  19. 14 December, Pretty Muddy
  1. 5 May, Expedition Everest Challenge (43m 44s)
  2. 25 August, Steamboat Willie (virtual) 5K (48m)
  3. 1 September, Labor Day (Virtual) 5-Miler! (85m 20s)
  4. 29 September, Miami Children's Hospital (~46 minutes)
  5. 10 November, Miami Youth for Christ (Donate)
  6. 17 November, Pretty Muddy 5K
  7. 22 November, Turkey Trot 10K
  8. 9 December, Santa Hustle 1/2 Marathon
  9. 12 December, 12K 
  10. 15 December, Color Run 5K
  11. 15 December, Santa Hustle 5K (3.13 miles, 42:35) 
The race that started it all!
Everest Challenge, May 2012

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